Understanding The Various Causes of Sleep Disorders And Their Most Effective Remedies

A good night’s sleep is essential to enhance your overall health and well-being and also to keep your mind fit and alert. The lack of enough and proper sleep not only leads to various health issues but also makes you feel irritated and depressed during the waking hours. Sadly, a huge percentage of a global population is suffering from various sleep disorders and this number is increasing with each passing day. However, in order to be able to effectively address this major health issue, it is important for you to first become aware of some facts related to it.

sleep disorders

What Are Sleep Disorders?

The first thing that comes to mind of most people when they are asked about sleep problems is the inability to get enough sleep. However, not many people are aware of the fact that this forms only one aspect of the various sleep issues that they might be suffering from. Along with the inability to get adequate sleep, the lack of a sound sleep or issues like snoring, pains and aches experienced during sleeping, frequent breaks in sleep etc. are also categorised as a type of sleep disorder. In case these problems are not addressed in a timely and effective manner they can turn into major health issues with disastrous consequences.

What Causes Sleep Disorders

There are several reasons that might be responsible for the sleeping issues that you suffer from. While poor lifestyle is believed to be a major cause of the significant rise in this problem amongst the masses, it is surely not the only reason. Discussed below are some other prominent causes that can lead to sleep problems that can put your health at serious risk.

Physical Issues:

Physical pains and discomfort are a leading cause of sleep problems. Many patients suffering from chronic pains or aches find it difficult to fall asleep or even to remain asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Other physical causes include uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, extreme weather conditions and even inappropriate bedding.

Psychiatric Issues:

Another major reason responsible for sleep-related problems are the psychiatric issues that patients suffer from. Problems like excessive stress, depression and even anxiety issues are amongst the major reasons behind patients losing sleep. Many people also suffer from these ailments because of being too sensitive and indulging too much in thinking about trivial issues.


Environmental Issues:

The environment within which the individuals spend a majority of their sleeping hours also plays an important role in enhancing problems related to sleep. Individuals living in a locality that is constantly polluted by excessive noise or where the hustle and bustle of life continue till late in the night are more likely to suffer from such issues than those who live in areas that become quiet and peaceful after the darkness falls.

environment issues

Social Issues:

Social issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and domestic violence etc can also lead to sleep disorders amongst individuals. Many patients also suffer from the problem due to a traumatic incident that they might have faced earlier in life. These incidents might not necessarily be have been related directly to them even though they tend to have a deep impact.

Medical Issues:

Many times, patients taking specific medications for other ailments are likely to suffer from lack of sleep. This might be a temporary phase and might last only till the patients continue the specific medication. In some patients, the problem is induced with growing age, but this is generally a rare occurrence.

Remedies For Sleep Problems

While medication is available to treat almost all types of sleep problems, it is highly advisable for you to make the following lifestyle changes to alleviate the problem in a natural manner.

Avoid Excessive Stress And Thinking:

There is no denying the fact that stress has become an integral part of a modern lifestyle and this is taking a toll on the health and well-being of individuals. However, avoiding excessive stress and over-thinking is one of the best treatments for sleep disorders. You should inculcate the habit of emptying your mind of all thoughts related to work or family issues at least 15-20 minutes before bedtime. You might try listing to your favourite music or even meditation to clear your mind and enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling sleep.

Avoid Stress

Eat An Early, Healthy and Light Dinner: Going to bed right after enjoy a heavy dinner is not the best way to overcome your sleep problem. Rather you should develop the habit of eating your dinner at least a couple of hours before bedtime. You should also avoid drinking water at least half an hour before you go off to sleep. This will prevent any chances of intrusion in sleep due to the need to urinate and will also help maintain your overall fitness.

Create A Relaxing Environment:

It is important to take out time to prepare for a good night’s sleep by creating the right environment for the same. Dim the lights at least 10-15 min before sleep time. Be sure that your bed is clean and comfortable so as you are not disturbed in your sleep in any manner. Also set the temperature at the most comfortable level to avoid feeling excessively cold or warm during the night, which can also disrupt your sleep.

Relaxing Environment

Sleep In The Right Posture:

Sleeping in the right posture can prove extremely beneficial in case you are suffering from chronic aches or pain. The right posture can not only help provide relief from pain but also help you enjoy a relaxing and sound sleep. It can even prove beneficial in helping to reduce snoring and other such issues that might be affecting your normal sleep pattern.

Sleep posture

Go For Sleep Therapy:

You can also opt to enrol for sleep therapy sessions to gain relief from sleep disorders. These sessions help your attention on factors that can help you to improve your sleep pattern by controlling the causes that disrupt it in the first place. Most doctors treating the problem, suggest their patients take these sessions along with regular medication.

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