Pumpkin Seeds – An Amazing Storehouse Of Nutrients Offering Multiple Health Benefits

The small yellowish and oval-shaped seeds extracted from the flesh of pumpkin are amongst the most popular edible seeds that form an integral part of various cuisines. They are a rich source of healthy fats, an array of beneficial plant compounds and minerals such as magnesium, copper and zinc known to provide a great health boost. These healthy seeds can be consumed raw or after being roasted to get a yummy, crunchy and healthy seed snack. Incorporating pumpkin seeds into your daily diet can help eliminate several potential health risks general well being in various ways. Discussed below are the most common health benefits of pumpkin seeds that can be ensured by their regular consumption.

pumpkin seeds

Boost Heart Health

The high quantities of magnesium in pumpkin seeds along with the healthy fats, fibre and a variety of antioxidants, makes them a heart-friendly food. Consuming them helps to lower the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol level in the blood, besides regularizing the blood pressure levels.

Enhance The Immunity

Being a rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals along with the compound zinc present in pumpkin seeds, help in providing a boost to the immune system. Integrating these immunity-boosting seeds into your everyday diet can help reduce the risk of contracting viral infections, which can lead to health ailments such as cold, flu, fatigue and various other health issues.


Improve Prostrate Health

Pumpkin seeds have for long been considered as the best natural food for men’s health. The high quantity of zinc found in these seeds is known to prove extremely effective for enhancing prostate health. The seeds also contain DHEA, which helps in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Consuming these seeds also helps in promoting fertility in men.

Helps Regulate Diabetes

Not many people are aware of the anti-diabetic pumpkin seed benefits that can prove to be a boon for people suffering from the ailment. The seeds not only help in regulating insulin and decreasing oxidative stress but are being a rich source of digestive protein, they also help in regulating blood sugar levels.


Ensure A Restful Sleep

People suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related problems can benefit immensely from regular consumption of pumpkin seeds. Their ability to induce a sound sleep result from the presence of neurochemical serotonin and an amino acid tryptophan, both of which are known to promote restful sleep. Eating a handful of natural sleeping pills pumpkin seeds a few hours before going to bed can thus ensure a good night’s sound sleep.



Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

The seeds are known to offer the benefits of a natural anti-inflammatory and thus help in providing relief from chronic pains including the one caused by arthritis. This natural anti-inflammatory medication can also prove quite beneficial for people suffering from joint pains or other similar pains and ailments.

Promote Weight Loss

For people seeking ways to get rid of those extra pounds in a natural manner, consuming pumpkin seeds can be a great choice. Eating just a handful of these seeds can help them to remain fuller and satiated for longer. Their high fibre content makes these seeds extremely dense and heavy as a food item. This results in them getting digested over a relatively long period of time and prevents the feeling of craving for food arising in the consumers.


Enhance pumpkin seeds for Hair Growth

The use of pumpkin seeds for hair growth is not a new practice although, earlier the oil extracted from the seeds was mostly used for the purpose. The high amounts of vitamin C and the unique amino acid cucurbitin found in the seeds can prove beneficial in promoting hair growth and even strengthening the hair follicles for reduced hair fall.


Most Common Ways Of Consuming The Seeds

As mentioned before, pumpkin seeds can be consumed in the variety of ways as they can be eaten both raw and after being roasted. Listed below are some ways in which these storehouses of health can be integrated into the daily diet.
• Top the salads with these seeds to add a slight crunch to the meal.
• Add them to homemade granola made by mixing these seeds with nuts and dried fruits.
• Bake the seeds after brushing them with olive oil and seasoning them with cumin and garlic powder.
• Create pumpkin seed butter by blending whole raw seeds in a blender until a smooth paste is obtained.

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