Protein Foods – The Key To A Healthy And Fit Living

Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body including the various organs, muscles, skin and even hormones. Therefore it plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health and fitness of an individual. Recent researches have also proven that consuming enough protein can also help in maintaining the youthful and radiant look of individuals. However, as we grow older, the ability of our body to simulate protein foods we eat is gradually reduced. In addition, people, who follow a rigorous workout routine, also require additional proteins to ensure proper repair and maintenance of cells and muscles.

Protein Foods

According to the medical experts, the minimum recommended daily protein intake for men is 56 grams and for women is 46 grams. However, health and fitness experts believe that the human body needs much more than these recommended amounts to stay healthy. Sadly, most people fail to fulfil this daily requirement through their diet, in which cases, consuming protein supplements and foods is a recommended option. These supplements comprise ingredients that are derived from natural or man-made proteins to fulfil the everyday needs of individuals. They are available in a variety of forms ensuring great convenience of usage for the consumers.

The consumers can choose from a variety of protein powders, capsules and even snack bars. These products are suitable for use by people of almost all age groups and both sexes. These products not only offer the requisite protein to the consumers but also provide various other health benefits. This is because they often include other ingredients that ensure better absorption of protein within the body. This makes these products more effective as compared to other similar protein-rich foods.

Different brands of health food manufacturers offer a wide range of protein food products to meet the needs of individual users. However, it is highly advisable for the users to seek the advice of a healthcare professional before choosing one of them. The health care professionals access the specific protein needs of an individual to suggest the most beneficial product as per its specific ingredients. Listed below are the brief details of some of the most popular protein food products available in the market.

Ritebite Max Protein Professional Choco Berry

This protein food is made available in the form of a meal replacement bar and offers excellent hunger satisfaction value. It is high in protein, fibre and glutamine and comprises of 21 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, omega 3 and prebiotic components. This is a 100% vegetarian and sugar-free on-the-go meal which provides low net carbs and is loaded with antioxidants that help in detoxifying the blood. This is just the right choice for people seeking to replenish their protein needs after a strenuous workout. You can buy the Ritebite Max Professional Choco Berry by clicking the following link.



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RiteBite Max Protein Bar 67 g

This high protein and high fiber sugar-free bar contains no sugar but has the taste of a sweet candy chocolate brownie. This meal replacement bar is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals along with omega 3 and electrolytes. Its low-calorie content makes it an extremely healthy and delicious snack that is a perfect choice for people seeking a meal-on-the-go. This 100% vegetarian product is also suitable for use by diabetic patients looking for a healthy sweet option. The high antioxidant content helps to detoxify the blood and the high nutrient content ensures that provides an excellent hunger satisfaction value. Click the link given below to shop for this healthy snack online.



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Hyp Lean Sugarfree Protein Bar, Oats Brownie

This top quality protein bar is the ideal choice for people who are extremely conscious about their health and fitness. Made only from premium ingredients, this bar is designed to offer both great taste and health. Each 40g bar contains 10g of best quality whey protein which keeps the consumers energetic throughout the day. In addition, the snack bar also contains high quantities of milk protein and nuts. The product is 100% vegetarian and completely sugar-free, which makes it suitable for people with diabetes. Get this healthy snack bar now by clicking the below given link



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Hyp Protein Cookies – Double Chocolate

These soft crumbly cookies with a delicious chocolatey flavour are made from whole wheat. Each cookie contains 10g of whey and milk protein along with 5g of fibre besides being low on sugar content. It is a 100% vegetarian snack that is high in protein and help to keep the hunger of the consumers at bay until they take their next meal. They do not contain any soy or filler proteins and also do not have any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They are a great choice for carb-conscious individuals as well as patients suffering from diabetes. Shop for these healthy cookies by clicking the link given below.



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RiteBite Max Protein Honey Lemon Bar

This high protein bar offers the delicious taste of honey and lemon which leaves a nectarous and tangy flavour in the mouth of consumers.  This extremely delectable snack bar contains 20g of protein and 5g of fibre in each serving of 67gms. Thflavors fortified with 21 vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The 100% vegetarian product serves as a perfect meal replacement snack and offers great hunger satisfaction value.  Click the link given below to shop for RiteBite Max Protein Honey Lemon Bar online now.


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HYP Whey Protein Bar – Almond Fudge

This high protein bar is the right choice for people who need to remain highly energetic through the day. Consuming this high-quality snack bar offers a feeling that is similar to getting a massage at a SPA. It is extremely convenient to carry around and offers excellent hunger value satisfaction at any place and at any time. It contains the best quality whey protein and nuts for maximum health benefits in a sugar-free and 100% vegetarian packing.



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