Potli Bags – The Most Stylish Fashion Accessories For Women

Potli bags have become the most popular ethnic fashion accessory for females in India. Made from rich elegant fabrics, these bags offer a mesmerizing look and appeal which further enhances the personality of the women carrying them. Most women generally use them on festive occasions and weddings, as they believe that these bags go best with ethnic wear. However, the potli bags can be used with equal elegance and style by women with their western outfits, especially while attending corporate and promotional events. Decorated with the finest embellishments and the most intricate embroidery work, the potli bags have truly become a craze amongst females seeking unique yet stylish fashion accessories.

potli bags

Contrary to the popular belief, potli bags are not a new age concept. Rather these accessories have been in use in India since the Vedic period. Their design and styling has undergone change over the years in accordance with the social trends and their ultimate usage. In the modern times, these bags are available not only in the traditional drawstring style but also the more convenient zip top and clutch style. They are suitable for women of all ages, including the very young girls and the elderly ladies. Given below are some of the most stylish and elegant potli bags that women can buy online in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Bombay Haat Women’S Potli Bags:

This beautifully designed potli bag made from raw silk fibre features an embellishment of embroidery, sequins, beads and pearls. The mesmerizing appeal of the bag is further enhanced by the presence of a pair of tassles crafted from pearls and beads which have been fixed on golden drawstrings. The bags are suitable for both personal use and gifting and go well with both ethnic wear and western dresses. These lightweight bags can be easily wrapped around the wrist and are available in various colours which can blend in comfortably with a wide range of dresses. To get this bag now, click on the link provided below.



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Bombay Haat Ethnic Rajasthani Women’s Silk Potli Bag:

This beautiful ethnic Rajasthani style potli bag blends well with both western and traditional Indian dresses. Whether you need to attend a festive occasion or a wedding or even a family get together, these bags are just the thing you need to make a grand entry and lasting impression. Decorated with mesmerizing patterns crafted from beads, pearls, sequins and even intricate embroidery, these bags are sturdy enough to store your basic personal belongings. At the same time, they are so lightweight as to be easily carried around by simply wrapping the tassels around the wrist. You can choose from several awe-inspiring colours that are sure to compliment your overall personality. You can buy these bags in a hassle-free manner by clicking the below-given link.



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Craft Trade Handmade Designer Rajasthani Silk Potli Bag:

If you looking for a potli bag that is unique in every way, then the homemade bags from Craft Trade are the best choice. Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles and made from luxurious silk fabric, these potli bags are a must-have accessory for every woman seeking to move out in style. Designed in accordance with the latest fashion trends these bags boast of ample space to carry the essentials women need to carry around. At the same time, they are easy to carry around thanks to their smooth handles or drawstrings. Choose from the different styles and colours of these bags by clicking on the link provided below.



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Funkia™ Women’s Traditional Designer Beads Party Wear Potli:

Crafted from premium quality silk fabric, these traditional style potli bags feature dense embellishment of beads and sequins. The extremely elegant and stylish bags are lightweight and spacious making it possible for you to carry around your bare essential quite easily. These bags are completely handmade and are suitable for use at both traditional events and informal get-together. They will compliment your personality irrespective of whether you are donning Indian attire or a western dress. Buy these potlis in an effortless and simple manner by clicking the link provided below.



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Bagaholics Ethnic Clutch Silk Potli:

This purse-style potli bag is the perfect match for your ethnic Indian dresses and western wear. The mesmerizing appeal of the bag results from the beautiful bead and pearl work along with perfectly matching colourful embroidery work. The long drawstrings crafted in a stylish manner enable it to be hung around the shoulder or to be carried by wrapping around the wrist. The sturdy structure and the spacious pocket keep all your things safe. Get this bag now by simply clicking on the link provided below.


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Geroo Jaipur Silk Potli Bag And Hand Bag:

This beautiful and elegant looking potlibag designed from pure and rich silk fabric features elegant decoration of beads and pearls. The rich vibrant colours of the silk fabric are further enhanced by the glitter of the sequin and beadwork. The bags are spacious enough to carry small jewellery and make-up items. The sturdy and stylish drawstrings ensure that you do not let go of any opportunity to flaunt them to make a lasting impression on onlookers. Get these awe-inspiring bags at the most reasonable prices and in an effortless manner by clicking the link provided below.



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