Causes,Treatment and Diet for night Cramps

One of the most common types of cramps that are experienced is in the legs. These cramps are the result of the painful and spontaneous contraction of the muscles below the knee. Generally, these cramps occur in the calf or foot and most of the time they occur at night. Older people tend to suffer more from leg cramps but have also been observed in younger people. Although night cramps, or also referred to in North America as Charlies Horse, are very common, the investigations that have been performed are not extensive enough to reach a conclusion about a specific cause. However, some other studies show that there are certain risk factors that can increase your chance of developing these cramps.

Night Cramps


Causes of Night Cramps

1) We must take into account that an incorrect diet can also lead to the one with the highest incidence of cramps. A lack of hydration, not drinking enough water, not having enough potassium and mineral salts in our body, or even suffering from certain diseases, can produce them.
2) The cold, anaemia and stress are also realities to consider . Our body loses protection, loses its natural balance, hence they tend to appear. Remember also to take care of your stress levels, this tension can also cause your cramps to appear.
3 Lack of vitamin E
4) Pregnancy
5) Weight Gain
4) Low levels of calcium, sodium, or potassium
5) Diabetes
6) Problems with blood circulation
7) Anaemia, Thyroid Problems
8) Also, consider that immobility and sedentary lifestyle is also a factor to consider. Our muscles stop working as they should, slow down and even atrophy early. Once we reach maturity we have to improve our habits a little more, since the cramps can appear to a greater extent.

Treatment of Cramps

1) If you wake up with a cramp in your leg, the first thing you can do is give a gentle massage to the affected muscles. You can even use baby oil and gently massage the area in a circular, vertical and horizontal direction over the cramped muscle, with a swaying motion over the entire muscle.
2) It may also help to apply ice to the affected area. Ice can relieve pain and reduce swelling if any, but be sure not to apply ice in the area for more than ten continuous minutes.
3) when night comes you take a nice warm bath, then, make leg massages with oil. These oils can be found in natural stores, and are wonderful to promote circulation, tone and relieve the pain of tired legs. Try it and you will see how your cramps are reduced.


Night Cramps Oil Massage

4) Apple cider vinegar will serve you both for internal and external use. It is a great tonic, conducive to proper circulation and a great ally for muscle pain. We can, for example, get rubbed with him in the middle of the afternoon on our legs, so that we can get a better sleep. Also, you can prepare an excellent drink to avoid cramping in other areas such as hands.

This is a tea made with a teaspoon of red raspberry leaves and a cup of boiling water. Let stand for about 10 minutes, then put half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and some honey. It may seem a bit strange, but it is a very old remedy to reduce cramps.

Apple cider for nigh cramps

Diet for Cramps

1) The first tip is: “You have to eat more bananas!” Nothing has been scientifically proven about banana use in cramp improvement. The banana is made up of potassium, carbohydrates in the form of glucose and water.

Diet For Cramps


2) By exercising, we consume a lot of glucose. When muscles consume glucose in the body, it uses other means to get energy. By removing glucose from low energy, the body produces a metabolic “garbage” known as lactic acid, one of the major responsibility for causing cramps. Then, you must ingest a lot of water so that the lactic acid is eliminated from the body, avoiding the contractions. Drink water or other liquids in sufficient quantity throughout the day can prevent dehydration. It also helps muscles contract and relaxes more easily.
3) If you have cramps, it would be best to stretch before going to sleep.

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