Home Remedies To Get Dazzling White Teeth For A Naturally Brilliant And Appealing Smile

Having a perfect set of shiny white teeth can enhance the personality of an individual quite significantly. However, most people experience the discolouration of their teeth due to various reasons, which makes them self-conscious about smiling freely. In most cases, people even develop new habits to hide their discoloured teeth while smiling in public. These might include placing a hand in front of the mouth or even mastering the art of smiling while keeping their lips tightly closed.  Several others choose the different types of clinical treatments being offered by dentists for whitening teeth, which are not only quite expensive but also extremely time-consuming.


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Causes Of Teeth Decolouration

The decolouration of teeth might occur due to several reasons, which result in damage to the enamel and the growth of plaque on teeth. The enamel is the naturally white and smooth layer that covers the teeth to keep them protected. However, when the enamel wears out due to reasons such as teeth bleaching, it exposes the underlying layer of the teeth which is known as “dentil” and which is yellow in colour. In addition, the teeth might lose their natural white shine, when tartar begins to accumulate on their edges. Drinking too much tea or coffee, consuming sugary items in excess, smoking, and even brushing right after eating are some of the major causes behind the enamel getting damaged or the growth of tartar teeth.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

As mentioned before the at-home teeth whitening methods are not only relatively safer but also extremely cost-effective as compared to clinical treatments. In addition, they generally offer lasting effects in a pain-free manner and also do not cause further damage to the teeth. Most of these natural teeth whitening solutions can be implemented using everyday products found in an average household. Some common home remedies for teeth whitening are discussed in brief as follows.


Baking Soda:

Baking soda can work wonders in terms of effective tartar removal and be getting sparkling white teeth. Scrubbing the teeth gently for two minutes, with a small amount of baking soda that has been diluted by mixing with water can help in restoring the natural white shine of the teeth. However, the method should be implemented only twice in the first week and then once every fifteen days as more frequent use can lead to enamel damage.


Fruit Peel:

Fruit peel offers one of the most effective ways to restore the white look of the teeth in a natural way. Rubbing the teeth gently with the inside of the banana or orange peel can not only help to remove tartar from teeth but also eradicate any spots or stains that might have formed due to various reasons. The peel should be used twice a week and it is advisable to brush the teeth a few minutes after implementing this method.



Common salt has been used for ages to ensure effective dental cleaning in a simple and hassle-free manner. It not only helps in reviving the natural white colour of the teeth but also helps to restore their mineral content. Using common salt every morning as tooth powder for cleaning the teeth can provide the desired results. It can also be mixed with charcoal and baking soda to enhance the whitening effect. However, care should be taken to avoid excessive use of salt as it can harm the gums and enamel with rough usage.



The natural bleaching properties of lemon make it an effective home remedy for teeth whitening. Gargling with high concentration lemon water and scrubbing the teeth with lemon peel is one of the best ways to restore the natural white colour of the teeth. Another method of using this fruit/vegetable is by mixing a few drops of lemon juice with salt and rubbing the mixture vigorously over the teeth and the gums. The mixture should be left on for a few minutes before rinsing the mouth thoroughly with water. Implementing this method twice daily for about two weeks can help in effectively removing tartar from teeth and leaving them shining white.



Being a rich source of vitamin C, strawberries are extremely effective in making the teeth whiter naturally. Rubbing the paste of a few ground strawberries twice daily on the teeth gently, for a few weeks, helps in removing the yellow tinge and restoring the white shine of the teeth. Alternately, the pulp of one strawberry should be mixed with the half tablespoon of baking soda and the resulting paste should be applied to the teeth and allowed to sit for a few minutes before rinsing the mouth thoroughly with water.


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