Choice Of Metal For Healthy Cooking Utensils – The Key To A Healthy And Fit Life

Most people are aware f the importance of eating nutritious and properly cooked food for living a healthy and fit life. So, a lot of attention is paid is to buying the right food items and ensuring their clean and hygienic storage. Sadly, most people ignore the importance of using the cookware made from the right metals for keeping the food healthy even after it is cooked. In fact, using the wrong utensils for cooking is one of the major causes behind the increased toxicity of food. Thankfully there is a growing awareness about the need to use healthy cooking utensils for food to retain its nutrients.

healthy cooking utensils

Most Common Utensil Metals And Their Healthfulness

There have been several innovations in modern cookware, which include non-stick surfaces and anodized aluminium. However, in addition to these innovative materials, traditional metals such as copper, aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel are also quite popular. Unfortunately both modern and traditional cookware material can become the cause of various ailments. This is because cookware made form specific metals can leach the metals into food during the cooking process. The best way to avoid this risk is by using safe healthy cooking utensils by evaluating the healthfulness of their materials. Discussed below are the various metals and their health safety level for usage in cooking utensils.

List of Healthy Cooking Utensils

Aluminium Cookware

Over the past half-decade or so, various researchers and studies have established a deep link between aluminium cookware and high toxicity levels in food. Cookware made from this metal are known to carry a substantial risk of toxicity which leads to serious health-jeopardizing effects. Hence people are being increasingly advised to avoid the use of pots and pans made of aluminium. This recommendation is valid even in case of cookware featuring the anodized aluminium layer.



Stainless Steel Utensils

In addition to being one of the strongest metals for making cooking utensils, stainless steel is also the healthiest option. This is because the alloy is exhibited greater stability even at extremely high temperatures and is less prone to leaching. Despite the reports of some instances of leaching of chromium from such utensils, it is proven to pose no health risk. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, stainless steel cookware can prove to be an excellent choice for healthy and safe cooking.



Non-Stick Cookware

Pots and pans that come with a non-stick coating are categorized to be unhealthy for cooking due to high toxicity levels. The most non-stick coating contains a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene, which when heated at high temperatures can release dangerous fumes leading to irritation and soreness. Moreover, this innovative cookware needs to be cared for and maintained in a specific manner. If these care instructions are not followed properly, it will not only destroy the non-stick coating but also leave the utensils unclean and unhygienic.



Cast Iron Cookware

Despite being one of the oldest metals used for making cookware, cast iron was cast away from this pivotal role. This is because most people believed it to be an unhealthy metal for utensil making. However, contrary to this belief, cast iron is one of the healthiest cookware metals available on the market today. With proper seasoning, cookware made from cast iron can actually contribute towards a healthy and fit life. This is because the small amounts of iron, leaching from these utensils can be easily incorporated into the body as vital mineral intake. Moreover, these utensils are extremely sturdy and last really long making them a cost-effective investment.



Copper Cookware

Even though utensils made from copper carry a toxicity level similar to aluminium, they do not have much adverse health effects. This is because copper is an essential mineral required by the body and hence leaching of copper can actually prove beneficial. However, intake of too much copper can also prove damaging which is why using copper cookware for regular cooking is not recommended. At the same time cooking occasionally in utensils made from this metal might not be actually as harmful.


The Final Verdict

While cooking food in stylish and innovative utensils might seem to be the right choice, it can have serious health effects. That is why it is advisable to use cookware made from traditional metals such as steel, cast iron and even copper. However, care should be taken to avoid cookware that is difficult to clean and has cracks and rough edges which can hold bacteria.

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