Some Interesting yoga poses for getting a flat belly

For aesthetics or health, nobody, especially women, would like to look a bulging abdomen or showing an excess of fat. There are many alternatives to get a flat belly and among them are various yoga poses.

Yoga is a discipline that is based on three pillars: mind, body and spirit. It is essential objective is to create a balance between these three elements that generate the individual a total well-being.

As a technique that conditions and strengthens the body through giving it flexibility, yoga is excellent for maintaining weight and having a flat belly. Belly fat can be very difficult to remove and is one of the most complicated areas to eliminate that fat. The accumulation of fat in this area, besides being an aesthetic problem, means a health risk.

flat belly

Some Yoga Postures to get a flat belly

Boat Posture to reduce fat on belly

One way to reduce the abdomen is to sit in the boat posture. Bring your knees to you and stretch your arms and fingers out and place them on your knees. Stretch your legs up and forward. Repeat this step 5 times.

boat posture

Scissors Posture to reduce fat on belly

Lie on your back with your arms stretched out along your sides. Elevate the legs of the floor to the height. In that position, raise the legs alternately, executing a scissor movement. Remember to keep your abs tight and your legs straight throughout the exercise.

scissor posture to reduce fat belly

Hip Lift Posture to reduce fat on belly

To do this, the first thing to do is lie on your back on a mat on the floor. The initial position is to leave the soles of the feet resting on the floor, while the knees are flexed. The arms are left lifted from the body and without modifying this position we lift the pelvis up, directed towards the ceiling, and focus the pressure on the area of the buttocks. When the elevation is made, the back is forming diagonally with the legs. This position is held for a few seconds and then the pelvis is lowered again without touching the mat completely. Then it starts again and 10 repetitions are done, resting – supporting the tail on the mat – and starts again.

Hip Lifting

Cobra Posture to reduce fat on belly

Lie on your stomach and place your hands under your shoulders, then gently raise your head and chest. Try not to use hand strength. Hold for 1 1/2 minutes. Relax and repeat it again. The last time it takes 2 or 3 seconds to lift the trunk while you are inhaling and another 2 or 3 seconds in the exhalation when you are lowering it.

cobra pose

Navasana in Namaste

It is a little bit like a boat posture. Bring your knees to you and stretch your arms. Take your elbow to the opposite knee, with your hands in Namaste


β€’ Start with hands and knees just below your shoulders and hips
β€’ Maintain an upright posture with hands and feet as support, feet must support with fingers supported
β€’ When inhaling, look just ahead of the palms so that the neck and spine are aligned and contract the abdominal muscles
β€’ From your head to your feet, your body must form a straight line. Make sure the fingers are in the hands are separated
β€’ Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds but for best results, try to keep as much as possible
β€’ Exhale and return to a resting position, resting your knees on the floor
β€’ Repeat this posture five times and relax for at least 15 seconds after each
β€’ Keep in mind that this position should be avoided if you have high blood pressure or any shoulder or back injury.



β€’ Lie on your back with your legs stretched out and arms on the side
β€’ The feet should be stretched out with the heels touching each other
β€’ When you exhale, bend your knees and slowly carry them towards your chest
β€’ Uses thighs to exert pressure on the abdominal area
β€’ To properly hold your knees in place, close your hands above your knees
β€’ Breathe deeply and hold this position for one minute to 90 seconds
β€’ As you exhale, release your knees and bring your hands to the sides of the body with your palms toward the floor
β€’ You can perform this pose about 5 times with at least 15 seconds of rest between each time.




Start standing with your feet together, your toes pointing forward and your arms at your sides. In the inhalation, raise your arms above your head and points with your fingers towards the ceiling. In the exhale, lean forward from the hips and bring your hands to the ground. Now you inhale. At the next exhalation, extend the right leg as far as you can, the left knee should be 90 degrees. Inhale and raise your arms above your head and looking forward. Hold this position for a few breaths and then get back on your feet. Repeat this movement with the other leg.



Side Bend Asan:-

Stand in a straight position. Keep your hands beside your turn towards your right side. Just stretch from your side as much as you can. Now move to your standing position. Now turn towards your left side. Try it in both the directions. This will help you get rid of the unnecessary fat on your side.


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