Benefits and Dance Workout That Will Make You A Fit

Being fit is fashionable, more and more people are concerned about leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and exercising are the main tools to achieve this, but not everyone likes to go to the gym, lift weights or go out to ride bikes. That is when there is another option: to dance workout.

Dance Workout is one of the first artistic expressions known to man and is an activity of enjoyment and celebration, but it is also considered an aerobic exercise with great health benefits.

dance workout


Benefits of dance workout

1)Dancing is one of the best exercises to increase your muscular strength. Every time you practice your steps and dance moves you are exercising different muscle groups. The repetition of these movements, whether in a dance class or in your practices increases your muscular strength.

All dance styles have movements that require great muscular strength in specific parts of the body. Ballet jumps and flamenco showing help develop the strength of leg muscles. Flamenco wrists and the undulating movements of arms of the belly dance strengthen the muscles of the arms.

2) The flexibility that is gained by dancing is one of the great benefits of dancing as a physical exercise. Most dances require the muscles to stretch and stretch to perform various movements.
All dance workouts, regardless of level, include stretching and warm-up exercises that increase flexibility. This flexibility benefits health in general.

3) Dancing as a regular exercise helps burn more calories than swimming or biking. It is estimated that in half an hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories. Exercise experts recommend dancing as a good exercise to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.

4) The benefits of dancing are not limited to your physical health. Dancing also helps keep your brain in shape. By learning dance routines and choreography, you improve your memory and your ability to perform various tasks at the same time.

Type of Dance to become a fit

Ballet Dance

Ballet is a technique of western dance that originated in the Renaissance period. The classical dance as we know it now was born in France. It is characterized by grace, coordination and precision of movement.

The technique uses five main positions of the arms and legs. And the typical sneakers help the dancers to create long lines with the body.

This style of dance is great for increasing flexibility, improving body posture, toning and stretching muscles.

ballet dance


Belly Dance

If you want to wiggle, shake and wiggle like Shakira herself, then give the belly dance a chance.It will make you sweat and it will make your heart beat stronger while exercising the whole body, although it is a particularly good style for legs, hips and waist.

There are gym versions that alternate the basic movements of belly dancing with intense toning actions.

belly dance



Aesthetics, beauty and physical activity go hand in hand; When you perform aerobic gymnastics exercises, not only elevates the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system and keeps you fit, you complement the beauty of your skin, due to the oxygenation that exercise produces.

Aerobics dance


In general a repetitive, cyclical movement is made; However, you can make chains of movement, without pausing and the effect is the same. An example is the aerobic classes of gyms such as Step, Aero Box, etc.


With Zumba dance, you can get to burn 800 calories. If you like to dance, it is a good aerobic exercise that will allow you to get in shape in a more enjoyable way. It may be difficult at first to follow the choreography, but with practice, you will become an expert “buzz”.



You should know that there is no valid test to confirm the alleged benefits attributed to Zumba dances, such as weight loss or increased strength or muscle, but it is an exercise after all, and it will always be better To be lying on the couch

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