Some interesting facts about coconut oil

The coconut oil is present both in the kitchen and beauty routines. It is famous for its slimming, nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is widely used in home treatments for skin care and hair, as well as essential oil massage.
There are different coconut oils, but the most recommended are the virgin, which retains all its properties. Lately, he is listening more, but the benefits we have been known for decades. But the greatest of this oil extract is that it has more saturated fat as neem oil or jojoba oil improve the quality of hair one of the best uses of coconut oil is its use as a hair conditioner and there are many ways to use it for this purpose. His real action on the hair is focused on hair penetrates deeper and faster than other conditioners. You can moisturize the scalp and add shine to your hair.
Likewise, it can also help increase the thickness of eyelashes and reverse its decline creating a protective coating over them. This vegetable oil is an ideal complement to beauty products.

To improve the skin

The organic coconut oil can be wonderful to moisturize both hands, as in other parts of the body, including the lips. Apply this oil ensures that your body your skin can be hydrated and thus prevent dryness.

uses of coconut oil for face: As a night face cream

The best time to repair the skin is bedtime, hence the importance of using a good cream that hydrates and nurtures every pore of our face. The Virgin Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer for the skin. You just have to apply some coconut oil on your fingers and rub on clean, dry face, massaging in circles for better penetration. Leave on overnight to fatty acids, vitamins and minerals do their job. In a few days, you will notice a lot more skin hydrated, nourished and excess fat you might have will disappear.


Coconut oil for face

Coconut Oil to prevent Stretch marks

If you are in plans to lose weight or you are pregnant, please note that as a result you can be left with stretch marks. If you want to prevent this, simply apply coconut oil on the areas most likely to suffer from stretch marks (breasts, abdomen, buttocks, arms, etc.), preferably every night before bed.

Stretch marks

Coconut oil to chapped lips

Weather conditions, the use of certain types of lipsticks, some diseases, and other factors can affect the health of the lips and make them look dry. If you notice that your lips are cracking and your skin is dry, apply a little coconut oil on them and keep them hydrated for long.

Chapped lips


For mothers breastfeeding, with a consumption of 3 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil every day going to enrich milk production. On the other hand, you can also make use of a product that is the coconut milk, ideal to supplant the use of pasteurized milk.




Saturated fats in coconut oil help control fungi that cause indigestion and other problems related to digestion, as the syndrome of irritable bowel.

Nutritional properties. Coconut oil is edible, and again vitamins play a fundamental role in our diet. Olive oil but it is more advisable for their unsaturated fatty acids.

Precautions coconut oil

Avoid contact with eyes and eyelids. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in lactating women.

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