April 22, 2018
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Inner Thigh Exercises to lose fat with in a month

inner thigh fat

The muscles of the inner thigh are generally classified as abductors because they are responsible for shrinking the hip, which means tightening your legs towards the centre and across your body. There are exercises you can do to strengthen and tone these abductors keeping in mind where you do exercises. To thin your thighs you should incorporate cardiovascular exercises. Before …

High Blood Pressure Treatment Naturally and quickly with Home remedies

Avoid Smoking

Blood pressure is like the thermometer health. Hypertension or high blood pressure means that your heart is working harder account to pump blood. This is dangerous because it can cause heart attack, a stroke or a kidney disorder. Therefore, it is very important to keep a check on blood pressure. High blood pressure can also be caused by kidney disease, …

Top Amazing Workouts and benefits of during pregnancy


Women during pregnancy experience various physical and also mood changes in the months before the baby’s arrival. The yoga for pregnant helps us to know and accept the changes, helps also within welfare and avoid the stress of labour. Although the ideal is to have previously done yoga to know how it works, it is never late to start practising …

Yoga Poses For Thyroid Problem


Yoga is one of the important natural solutions to treat thyroid disorders. The different Yoga poses provide thyroid treatment. Thyroid disorders are very common in people of all ages.Actually, Yoga can help any type of disease. Regular yoga practice can help to deal with thyroid problems efficiently. Sarvangasana:- Sarvangasana is the best asana cure for thyroid.It is also called Shoulder …

Yoga treatment for Cervical,Shoulder Pain,Neck Pain

Cow Face Pose

Cervical Spondylosis or Cervical Osteoarthritis is a physical condition caused by the tear of bones. cervical spondylosis results in a narrowing of the space needed by the spinal cord and the nerve roots that pass through the spine to the rest of your body. This pain is mostly due to two reasons: When the space between two adjacent vertebrae narrows, due to …

Yoga Poses for Knee pain relief

knee pain

Knee pain is the common complaint that affects people of all ages.knee joints are the main part of our body for moving. The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to damage and pain because it takes the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump.Knee pain has those people who are overweight. If we do …

Exercises For Hands and Fingers


Yoga and exercises can be used to help develop muscles control .yoga practices for pain relief is now recommended even by conventional medicine. Hands are capable of a wide variety of functions. Hands Function are more important in our body parts. Because We can do any work with the help of hands. Some Stretching exercises for hand and fingers. Fist …