7 Food Habits That Keep The Japanese Women Looking Fit And Slim Across Years

Japanese women are well known for their everlasting beauty and great fitness which keeps them looking young and beautiful irrespective of their growing age. In fact, a research has proved that the Japanese women are known to have the longest life expectancy of 87 years. The one thing that makes it possible for Japanese women to maintain a perfect fit and slim body irrespective of their age, is the food habits followed by them. Unlike, most other females, the Japanese ladies are extremely particular not only about what they eat but also how they prepare it and eat it. Discussed below are the 7 food habits of these females that enable them to enjoy a long and healthy life with a beautiful and fit body.

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They Enjoy A Rich Balanced Diet-Best Food Habits:

A typical Japanese meal is extremely diverse and well balanced. It comprises of fruits and vegetables that are fresh and relevant to the season. Soups form an integral part of a Japanese meal as do fish, seaweeds, soy, rice and green tea. High-calorie foods, as well as junk foods, are traditionally avoided not only in the main meals but also in the form of snacks. These foods not only provide the women with all the essential nutrients to keep them fit and healthy but also minimise any chances of them gaining weight due to wrong eating.

Healthy Diet


They Use The Right Methods Of Cooking:

When it comes to cooking the food, Japanese women generally use the methods of steaming, grilling and stewing. Even when they need to fry the food, they use a special pan that helps them consume minimum oil. Rather than using water, vegetable broth of meat stock is preferred while preparing most dishes. The spices are used with extreme caution to ensure that they do not make the food heavy and difficult to digest. Using these methods of cooking, not only helps to retain natural properties of the food but also enhance its natural beauty, colour and flavour.



They Eat More Rice Than Bread:

It is a common perception that eating rice increases the chances of individuals gaining weight. However, the Japanese women prove this notion to be totally incorrect as rice is their staple food and included in every meal. The Japanese women generally serve a small bowl of steamed rice cooked without any salt or butter. This complex carbohydrate is low in fat content and consuming it makes the women feel filled even with a significantly lesser number of calories as compared to those found in bread and other packaged foods.

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They Consume Fish In Large Quantities:

Japanese women do prefer fish over any other type of meat, which ensures that they obtain the various health benefits associated with eating fish. The fact that despite forming only 2% of the global population, Japan accounts for 10% of the total fish consumption in the world is an indication of their love for this healthy meat. The types of fishes most favoured by the Japanese women include Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, Fresh Tuna, and Sardines etc, which are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and also help in boosting the mood and heart health of the consumers.

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They Make Breakfast Their Primary Meal:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the Japanese women and it often comprises of several dishes. Fish, rice, omelette, a soy dish with greens, miso soup along with seaweeds and tea are generally eaten for breakfast. The consumption of an elaborate breakfast is based on the belief that it keeps the women feel full for a longer time and thus helps them to reduce the portions that they consume during lunch time. It also helps to eliminate the habit of unnecessary snacking between meals.

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They Eat Like It Is a Ritual:

In Japanese culture, eating is not just another task that needs to be completed at a rapid pace. It is more like a ritual that is performed together by all the members of the family. The food is served in small helpings in smaller sized plates and it is consumed slowly by taking little bites. Loading all the different dishes on a single plate at once is considered bad manners as is the habit of filling the plates to the brim. Moreover, the Japanese women do not believe in decorating the food in any manner but rather prefer to maintain its natural taste and flavour.


They Avoid Consuming Deserts Loaded With Sugar:

It is a common misconception that the Japanese women do not have a sweet tooth. The fact is that these women prefer natural fruits or homemade desserts that are low in fat and sugar over the more popular desserts like ice-creams, cakes and candies. One of the most favourite desserts of Japanese women is mocha, a low fat ice-cream prepared from rice.

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