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Yoga Poses for Knee pain relief

Knee pain is the common complaint that affects people of all ages.knee joints are the main part of our body for moving. The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to damage and pain because it takes the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump.Knee pain has those people who are overweight. If we do regular exercise then we will not face this problem.Here we read some simple exercises for knee pain reliever.

knee pain

1) Sit on the floor and wide your legs properly and get a foot together and stretch your knees and then relax.when you stretch your knees then your feet move downwards.It improves your legs blood circulation. Repeat this 5 – 10 times.
2) Take both of your hands below your thighs and fingers should be interlocked.Then lift your legs, straighten .fold
your straighten.Move your legs in a circulation direction.Repeat this 5-10 times.Repeat this with both legs.
knee exercise

3) Fold your right leg and foot over the left leg.Put right hand over the right knee.And then slowly freeze your knee and touch your knee to the chest.slowly shift your palm above the knee.Repeat this with both legs 5- 10 times.You may feel very relax.
4) Fold your both knees, toes touches each other.Now we practice butterfly exercise.This is for the flexibility of the joints.
These are knee pain exercises and Joint Pain exercises. After some days you can find good results in chronic knee pain, medial knee pain
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