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How to reduce weight only with yoga


Yoga is an ancient practice .It has benefited everyone who has regularly practiced .Practicing yoga on a daily basis has certainly helped many people in reducing weight.But with yoga we have to care about our lifestyle and eating habits.Junk foods are the only one way to increase a weight very fastly and reduce a weight very slowly. So we have to leave a Junkfoods. Yoga is a great way to lose weight.You don’t have to waste thousands on the expensive gym.I have tell you some yoga poses so you can easily reduce a weight very easily and fastly.

Side Bend Asan:-

Stand in a straight position.Keep your hands beside your body.now turn towards your right side .Just stretch from your side as much as you can. Now move on your standing position.Now turn towards your left side.Try it in both the directions. This will help you get rid of the unnecessary fat on your side.

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Stand in a Tadasanapose.Stretch your hands up in the air.Now bend your knees.It’s look like you are sitting on a chair.Stay in this position for 30 seconds and release. This will help you in reducing fat from the arms and thighs.

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Grinding pose:-

Grinding pose is a very effective pose.You can call chakkichalanexercise.Many years ago ladies do this and they don’t need to do any type of yoga.For this you have to sit on the floor and spread your legs straight.Both the legs touch with each other.Don’t bend your knees.Now Join your hands and move your upper body in a circular motion over your legs.Do it 10 times in clockwise position & 10 times in anti-clockwise position.

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Legs Up the Wall Pose:-

Lay down on the floor. Slowly upwards your lower body .Only upper body should be on the floor.Keep the legs to an angle of 90 degree upward.Whose don’t do this they can take a help of wall. They can touch your legs with the wall.

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Sit down on the floor. Straight your legs and raise your hands and then take deep breath.Move down your upper body and try to touch your toes.Do not bend your knees & try to reach your toes.It reduce extra belly fat.

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