Hair Fall

You can stop Hair Fall with home remedies also. Just Use some Products from a kitchen.You can apply those products twice a week.


You know about the Aloe vera? If We drink aloe vera daily then we can reduce our weight easily and fastly. But We can Stop Hair Fall also with aloe vera.
Take an Aloe vera Gel and pour with some water, shake it gently then add any oil and shake it again then apply on scalp.You can find unbelievable results.

Healthy hair


The egg is a great solution to most of the hair problems and they are easily available, inexpensive and are natural alternatives. Eggs make the hair strong, prevent breakage, make them soft and help in their growth. Eggs are packed with proteins and vitamins.



You can apply egg on scalp directly.Just Crack two eggs and apply the yolk on the scalp as a mask.


You can use egg with honey and olive oil. Honey is an amazing home remedy for hair growth. Olive oil is an important natural oil for hair growth. dd one teaspoon of honey and olive oil to an egg.Mix it and prepare a paste.Apply this paste Over the hair.

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