April 22, 2018
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Inner Thigh Exercises to lose fat with in a month

inner thigh fat

The muscles of the inner thigh are generally classified as abductors because they are responsible for shrinking the hip, which means tightening your legs towards the centre and across your body. There are exercises you can do to strengthen and tone these abductors keeping in mind where you do exercises. To thin your thighs you should incorporate cardiovascular exercises. Before …

Some Interesting yoga poses for getting a flat belly


For aesthetics or health, nobody, especially women, would like to look a bulging abdomen or showing an excess of fat. There are many alternatives to get a flat stomach and among them are various yoga poses. Yoga is a discipline that is based on three pillars: mind, body and spirit. It is essential objective is to create a balance between …

Best Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by problems with the spinal muscles, nerves, bones, discs.This is the main reason for visiting the doctor.Internal structures such as the gallbladder and pancreas may also refer pain to the back.The risk of lower back injury is higher in people who are obese, who have a poor posture or weak back and abdominal muscles.Mostly …

5 Good Habits to Become Fit

Become a fit

Nowadays, Nobody has enough time to do exercise.Yoga is the best option for a full strengthening of the body. If we practice Yoga in daily routine we can be perfectly fit in our life. But also by a little change in routine or by adopting some simple habits, one could easily see miraculous change in his body. Some Tips or …

How to reduce weight only with yoga

Weight loss exercise

Yoga is an ancient practice .It has benefited everyone who has regularly practiced .Practicing yoga on a daily basis has certainly helped many people in reducing weight.But with yoga we have to care about our lifestyle and eating habits.Junk foods are the only one way to increase a weight very fastly and reduce a weight very slowly. So we have to …

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