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Amazing Benefits and Uses of Amla for Hair,Eyesight


Amla is the natural fruit, which is easily available in winter season. Amla has too many benefits like weight loss, hair problem, Improve Eyesight, cholesterol etc. Amla can take in a form of Amla chutney, Amla Juice, Amla Pickle, Amla Jam, AmlaMurabba. Amla’s taste is slightly sour.Children do not like so we can give amla candy. Amla Candy is available in a market.Amla is filled with vitamin C.


Benefits of Amla for Hair

Amla gives a natural shine. Amla growth your hair very easily.Amla reduces hair fall.It helps to reduce dandruff.It helps to protect frizzy hair.It’s a chemical free shampoo or conditioner.

Amla for Hair Growth

How can use amla on your scalp


  1. a) Take Amla, shikakai powder and reetha. Mix with water and make a thick paste. keep this mixture in iron utensil overnight
  2. b) In the morning boil this material properly until the quantity reduces half.
  3. c) After cooling, wash your hair with this material.
  4. d) Use this material very carefully.It does not get into your eyes.

2) Take amla, Shikakai, reetha and two eggs. Mix all ingredients and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on your scalp, then leave it 30 minutes then wash your hair carefully.You can see good results.

3) Amla Oil is also beneficial for hair.In the market, we can get many types of amla oil like Daburamla, bajaj amla hair oil.

Benefits of amla for eyesight

Healthy eyes are the main problem in these days. We can see eyesight problem in kids. Because of online presentations, smart classes, Online games. After schooling, they have tension for going tuition or complete homework. They do not give relax on eyes.  Children like indoor games only. They do not like outdoor games.  So We have to care about eyes routinely. We should follow some exercises. We have to do with kids.

Amla for eyesight

1)    In the morning, we have to wash eyes with amla powder. It helps to control problems like redness, itching and infection.

2)    Amla Juice is the best drink to protect eyes. So every morning we have to drink to keep eyes healthy. Mix two teaspoon amla powder in water and drink. If you feel taste sour then you can add honey also.

Weight loss with Amla

Amla is the best way to lose weight easily.Amla is a good laxative. It helps to reduce constipation. Amla helps to flush out toxins in our body.So you have to amla juice daily.Just peel amla cut in pieces and remove the pit from it. Then blend Amla properly. Mix 2-3 spoon of amla juice within the water and have it daily in the morning. You can see good results within 2-3 months.

Amla for Weight Loss

Reduce cholesterol level

Amla is a herb commonly used in traditional ayurvedic. High cholesterol levels increase the probability of heart attack. Amla can reduce high-level cholesterol

Reduce Risk of Gall Bladder

When Cholesterol level becomes high then cholesterol change into gall stone. Amla is filled with vitamin C which converts cholesterol into bile acid.So Amla has reduced the risk of a gall bladder.

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